Memory Clean - Monitor and Free Up Memory App Reviews

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Good but the Extreme Clean is a little bit too expensive !

I very like this app ! It clean my Mac very well ! But I think that the extreme clean is a little bit to expensive ! If it cost 2,99€, I would buy it, but it is 4,99€, and I can’t paid that. The day were it will be less than 3,00€ I will buy it.

A real Boost

It is a pity that I never heard about this app before. It really helps to get the best of my MAC!

tellement facile...

so easy...

Edit : fixed

Since the last version, I can’t launch Memory Clean. Everything worked fine and now I can’t launch it. I’ve tried to redownload it but it doesn’t seem to work as well so … I’m screwed up. EDIT : it’s no longer the case, it had been fixed by a relaunch of the Mac (it didn’t work the first time I tried but now it works, so everything is back to normal)

Great App

Excellent app does exactly what it says. I have tried many others but this one is the one i am sticking with. Keep up the great work, Many thanks

very good memory cleaner

very good.

Brilliant it just works

I’ve tried a lot of memory cleaning/management apps in the last few years some are okay, others just hopeless, to the extent that you get a system freeze becauase they have not automatically freed up memory. Memory Clean is simple elegant and it works reliably. I would recommend the purchase of the full app to get the Extreme Clean option as it frees up just that little bit more so that apps which can cuase problems by consuming too much memory have a bit more leeway. Give it a go.

Great Application !!!

Small, simple and efficient application. I really recommand Regards

McBookPro Late 2011 8GB

Great and easy to use. Makes my Mac run better without increasing RAM memory after 5 years of use. Thanks !

Great app.

Great app! Kind of makes me wonder why my ram gets eaten up so quickly after running this app.


The best download I ever made on app store. Helps me a lot


Use extreme clean and you will have excellents results.

Very useful - Muito útil

This tiny program is very useful. Well done!!! Este pequeno programa é muito útil. Parabéns!

Just what I was looking for

As the new El Capitan OS came out, I was feeling my 4Gb of memory weren’t up to it. This app not only lets me know how is my memory being used, or not used, but it also lets me clean it up after I use it heavily. I recomend!

Very good

Clean, light and better app, help me some times because I’m work with development and some times I used so much memory for my mac.

The best!

The best free application to manage and maintain Mac free memory always available. It is lightweight, efficient and meets perfectly the function. I recommend.

The best

Memory Clean is one of those essential applications. Have it on your machine will greatly facilitate your working day

nice one!

funktioniert und hilft!

on all of my Macs

Run it on all of my Macs (home and business), works great and is the best way to watch memory usage for the price (free)!

Helpful Software!

Helpful software, especially for older Macs with performance problems. Check it!

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